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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

"The youngest children in our school take their first steps in education in our exciting and vibrant Nursery. They enjoy all aspects of school life in a happy, caring and stimulating environment and are given every opportunity to grow, develop and flourish"

Our bright, spacious nursery provides the most welcoming and engaging environment to make your child’s first experience at school happy and stimulating. The dedicated, fully qualified teaching staff are committed to providing a caring environment where high quality play and education are used to encourage each child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Children learn best when they are having fun. Our children are given every opportunity to learn through a combination of structured play and stimulating teacher-led activities in order to achieve the Learning Goals identified within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We offer a curriculum based on children learning through planned, purposeful play-based activities. This allows children to become confident learners, exploring and investigating at their own pace through valuable first hand experiences.

Our Preschool program, which begins at age three is the seed of our high school. In Preschool, learning occurs in a gentle, natural and fun manner. Our teachers are careful observers, determining each child’s learning style and unique abilities, and adapting the program to meet specific needs of individuals or the group.

While much of the emphasis in the Preschool program is focused on setting a basic foundation for future academic success, including developing strong social skills and understanding how to respect classroom rules and routines, there is a strong academic component as well. The Preschool program provides a print rich environment, integration of all disciplines, hands-on learning, and discovery of social and educational core concepts. Yet each student learns at his or her own pace and is encouraged to make new discoveries every day.

Preschool faculty strive to keep parents up-to-date on everything that is happening in the classroom. All of the Preschool classes offer more detailed information about classroom happenings, through Emails and handouts. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice per year, and we also encourage parents to contact teachers any time there is a question or concern.

At Pavithra International School, we believe the Preschool experience is most certainly a journey, not a race - a journey that will begin to develop in each child the inquisitiveness and confidence that will hold him or her in good stead through a lifetime of learning.