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High School

"High School is a transitional time for the students - no longer cute little children but not young adults yet either. These are some of the most challenging and exciting years for children. As an educator, it’s wonderfully rewarding to help guide them through the transition"

Students at this age have developing ideas and often feel like no one will listen to them. They feel awkward in bodies that are changing, thinking no one understands them and that no one knows what they’re going through. It’s a time of searching for self and the place where they fit in, a time of figuring out themselves and the world.

For the students, everything is brand new and they feel like they’re the first to experience it. As parents and teachers, we know they’re not, but sometimes it’s hard for adults to remember what the kids are feeling and to reconnect with the excitement and frustration and confusion of those years. They need a tremendous amount of understanding and flexibility.

They look at their teachers as heroes and taskmasters at the same time, as confidantes and challengers, as guides and mentors, as people who will listen, really listen - and at Pavithra International School that’s what we are for them, to make them feel at ease with themselves.

Our overarching goal is to prepare students and give them the tools they need to succeed in their next school when they graduate from 12th grade and leave Pavithra Internationa school. One teacher is directly responsible for overseeing the progress of about eight students, a small student-to-teacher ratio that ensures each student has a full experience at Pavithra International School that will prepare him or her for their next school.

We endeavor to set up good, solid foundations, sound ethics and to develop in each student a curious, questioning mind. Our faculty is top-notch and dedicated to making sure the students are engaged, having fun and committed, and that there’s a love of the challenge, always. We teach students not to shy away from any challenge and never to be afraid of asking questions. Our motto is that there are no stupid questions, but we’ll certainly tell a student when it’s a question that could be better formed, so they can learn to differentiate.