Specialized Curriculum for Nursery to Grade 2

Adopting the Systematic Change Programme for Nursery to Grade 2 is our sincere endeavor to provide every child with learning experiences where they can learn, discover, introspect, and explore the world around them to form new ideas and thoughts.

How does this dream become a reality? Here's how:
Language Arts:

Language arts is the means to communicate ideas, and language is the tool for communication. The Language Arts approach to learning in Nursery to Grade 2 helps develop essential skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and visual representation. This is achieved through:

1. Story Readers (from Nursery to Grade 1):

Each Story Reader offers a series of learning experiences that take children on an exciting journey of discovering words, exploring themes, and developing language arts skills.

2. Phonics:

Phonics is complementary to the reading program, combined with Story Readers and sight words. It allows the learning of individual letters, their sounds, as well as the basic letter combinations (phonemes) in the English language.

3. EVS (Environmental Studies):

A comprehensive, well-planned, and theme-based approach to teaching EVS helps children become aware of, understand, and appreciate the world around them. EVS is integrated within Story Readers' themes until Grade 1 and advances to Studios (more focused learning materials) in Grade 2.


Shifting the focus from mere memorization of numbers and operations, the Math curriculum from Nursery to Grade 2 aims for children to understand the basic principles and apply them in real-life situations.

Studios from Grade 2 Onwards:

Studios are what we call our learning materials. Unlike a regular textbook, Studios are tailored to each child. Through a questioning-based approach to lesson design, every page of the Studio encourages children to think, explore, learn, and express their thoughts freely.

At Pavithra Group of Schools, we believe in educating every child in a way that stimulates their minds and sets them on a path to unlock their human potential