Senior Secondary School

Our school follows to CBSE curriculum. The 21st Century is full of challenges & speed. To handle these challenges the school curriculum has been framed with the right blend of Academics, Creativity & Character building for nurturing the young talents. To acquire knowledge one must study but to acquire Wisdom one must observe. At PAVITHRA, education is looked upon Holistic Learning Experience. It help students developing

Our Curriculum provides opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on projects, experiments, civic engagement and more.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation is continuous and comprehensive process according to the CBSE system. Under this system, the pattern of assessment will be such that only grades will be reflected in the report cards. The continuous assessments are done in the form of subject enrichment which include class tests, projects, home assignments, classroom interaction, practice sheets, etc. The parents are given feedback after an assessment to understand and analyze the child’s progress in the scholastic areas.

Assessments will be designed to understand the conceptual knowledge level of the student. These assesments will analyze the analytical ability of the students.

Main objective of the Circulum and assessment system at PAVITHRA is to prepare the student to enter into his higher education with sufficient knowledge and confidence.