Senior Secondary School

Our school adheres to the CBSE curriculum, recognizing that the 21st century is marked by a multitude of challenges and a fast pace of change. To address these challenges, the school curriculum is thoughtfully designed to strike the right balance between academics, creativity, and character development in nurturing young talents. While studying is essential for acquiring knowledge, true wisdom is gained through observation. At PAVITHRA, education is regarded as a holistic learning experience, helping students develop:

Our curriculum provides opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on projects, experiments, civic engagement, and more.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Evaluation is a continuous and comprehensive process in accordance with the CBSE system. Under this system, the assessment pattern is designed in a way that only grades are reflected in the report cards. Continuous assessments take the form of subject enrichment, including class tests, projects, homework assignments, classroom interactions, practice sheets, and more. Parents receive feedback after each assessment to help them understand and analyze their child's progress in the scholastic areas.

Assessments are designed to gauge the conceptual knowledge level of the student and analyze their analytical abilities.

The primary objective of the curriculum and assessment system at PAVITHRA is to prepare students to enter higher education with sufficient knowledge and confidence.

"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students."