We at Pavithra International School own the vision to Awaken the Human Potential in every child.

A child spends 6 hours a day in a classroom. We replaced the Classrooms into Thinkrooms, to go beyond achieving mere academic excellence to awaken the Human Potential in every child. Awakening helps a child to listen, think and create in her own unique way.

ThinkRoom reinvents the role that the six elements of a classroom play in a child's education, shifting their focus from achieving mere academic excellence to awakening Human Potential.

1. Studio:

Every child carries a unique Studio to the ThinkRoom. Studios are questioning-based learning materials that helps the child practice thinking in the cognitive, emotional, social and metacognitive domains.With Studio, you decide to change from better learning to bringing out excellence in every child.

2. Authentic Assessment:

Every child can write and express in their own way. And yet, a teacher can objectively assess the real learning of the child. The assessment indicators, Success Criteria and judgement statements help the teacher do an Authentic Assessment of the child. With Authentic Assessment, you decide to change from making every child 'the best' to finding the best in every child.

3. Walls that talk:

The walls of a ThinkRoom do not separate the child and the world. ThinkRoom Kit contains powerful tools that enhance learning and helps the teacher in making the lessons engaging. With ThinkRoom Kit, you decide to change the child’s learning ambience from a meaningless wall that separates to a meaningful wall that unites children through learning.

4. Parents that awaken:

Parents of a child in ThinkRoom enable an emotionally safe fun environment at home. They are delighted by observing their amazing uniqueness, every day. by continuously involving them in aspects like HomeFun (instead of Homework), ThinkRoom day (instead of Projects day), meaningful learning outcomes (instead of just marks) we educate them on real goals of education.

5. Teachers who believe in the child:

A teacher's strongest belief is not on the blackboard, not on subject books, not on examinations but on the Human Potential in every child,A teacher in a ThinkRoom asks questions, lets every student express in their own way, assesses the learning objectively, equips herself with latest pedagogies and teaching practices, collaborates with other teachers because she believes in awakening the minds of every child. We give back the pride that the role 'teacher' deserves.

6. Visionary School Leader:

When you walk inside our school you will not see FEAR in anyone, you will witness FAITH in everyone.As the school leader Chairman of Pavithra International School Mr.Y.Venkatesh owns the vision of education for human potential for every child. he is an inspiration, wherever he goes and to whoever he speaks to. He empowers his teachers and ensures that children get awakened in his school and goes beyond his school to change the education system.

There is only one way of learning in a classroom, whereas the number of ways of learning in a ThinkRoom is equal to the number of kids. This revolutionary change is made possible only by Inspired team at Pavithra International School.