Middle School

Our school follows the CBSE curriculum, recognizing that the 21st century is marked by a multitude of challenges and rapid changes. To equip students to navigate these challenges, our school curriculum is thoughtfully designed to strike the right balance between academics, creativity, and character development in nurturing young talents. While studying is essential to acquire knowledge, true wisdom is gained through observation. At PAVITHRA, education is viewed as a holistic learning experience.

Our approach helps students cultivate the ability to think independently, a skill that will serve them well not only in high school but also in the future. We provide a child-friendly environment where students are encouraged to question, explore, and interact rather than merely memorize notes, fear punishment, or conform to the crowd.

Conscious efforts are also made to foster leadership and initiative in students. They have the opportunity to choose from a range of co-curricular activities, including swimming, tennis, skating, yoga, basketball, and martial arts. This approach ensures that our curriculum is genuinely holistic.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Evaluation is continuous and comprehensive in accordance with the CBSE system. Under this system, the assessment pattern is designed in a way that only grades are reflected in the report cards. Continuous assessments take the form of subject enrichment, which includes class tests, projects, homework assignments, classroom interactions, practice sheets, and more. Parents receive feedback after each assessment to help them understand and analyze their child's progress in the scholastic areas.