About Chairman

Y.Venkatesh MS,USA
Pavithra Group of Institutions

The icon of hard work and determination, Y. Venkatesh, serves as the Chairman of Pavithra Group of Institutions. He embarked on his career as a software engineer and later held the positions of Executive Director and CEO at PC Inc from December 1997. He earned his Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Maryland. The Chairman also boasts a background as a former educator at Vaakadu Engineering College and the University of Maryland.

He is a man of simplicity and great devotion. A comprehensive portrait of Mr. Y. Venkatesh would be incomplete without acknowledging his philanthropic contributions to various religious places without bias. In his view, the supreme power is one, albeit worshipped in diverse forms.

His unwavering thirst for knowledge and boundless commitment to providing quality education motivated him to establish an educational institution. His vision was to inaugurate a unique educational institution and offer genuine International Education in India. He possesses a strong desire to serve society by effecting positive change in every possible way. His multifaceted and innovative thinking led to the expansion of the Pavithra Group of Institutions.

The branches that have flourished under the Pavithra Group of Institutions are Pavithra International School at Kaligiri-Nellore in 2008, Manikonda in 2012, Nallagandla in 2013, Karmanghat in 2019, and most recently, Ameenpur in 2020.

He serves as an inspiring source for all.

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